The evidence on display on this website is just a small part of the overall evidence presented to the jury of the Tribunal. Because of security reasons most of the witnesses had to appear in camera, as they or persons related to them have to fear persecution by the Sri Lankan state in case their identity is revealed. The same security measures apply to certain documents, whose content would allow drawing conclusions about their authors. For this reason only the evidence of the open sessions will be published on this site.

Because of the organisational limitations the Tribunal was only able to hear a limited number of witnesses and experts as well as to examine only a certain number of documents. This website will help to compensate for that handicap. It will be used as a data base to display more of the vast amount of evidence for the crimes committed by the Sri Lankan state. Above that, it will give concerned people the possibility to come forward and to submit their evidence and accounts witnessed war crimes. The courage people have shown overcoming their fear and pain and testfying in front of the jury will give more people the strength to speak out. This website will give them the forum.

The evidence is published in the following sections:

Eyewitness Accounts